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双威镇 Bandar Sunway
arrow1 Asia Café
  (Subang Jaya SS15)
arrow1 明天茶室
  Ming Tian (Sunway)
八打灵 Petaling Jaya
arrow1 好好吃 Ho Ho Sek
蒲种 Puchong
arrow1 好景 Goodwill
  (Puchong Jaya)
arrow1 随缘 Sui Yuen
  (Puchong Jaya)
arrow1 日来 Everyday
  (Pusat Bandar Puchong)
arrow1 DG Food Court
  (Taman Wawasan)
Kuchai Lama
arrow1 火辣辣 Pedas Sedap
  (Enterpreneurs Park)
arrow1 Kuchai Lama Food Court
  (Old Klang Road)
arrow1 Factory Food Court
arrow1 Restoran Y
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Lotus Root Soup
Ingredients:   Lotus Roots, Peanuts, Pork Ribs.
Lotus Root:  
Dispelling internal heat, treats constipation and spleen appetizer.
Peanuts :  
Fortify the spleen and disinhibit dampness, uninhibited urination, nourish kidneys.
Benefits :  
Heart-Supplementing Elixir, engender blood, fortify the spleen and appetizer.
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Old Cucumber Soup
Ingredients:   Old Cucumber, Pork Ribs.
Old Cucumber  
Clear heat and resolve thirst, disinhibit water and disperse swelling.
Benefits :  
Prevent dryness heat, disperse summerheat,fortify the spleen, increase the appetize for foods.
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White Radish Soup
Ingredients:   White Radish, Ribs
White Radish :  
White Radish sweet and cool, wide in the lower gas, digestion phlegm.
Benefits :  
Radish ribs soup, not only taste sweet and not greasy, there is a good role in reducing heat and diabetes.
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Herbal Soup with Black Chicken
Ingredients:   Herbs, Black Chicken
Black chicken  
It used to treat a wide range of ailments or strengthen our body and can help a person to recover from a long illness.
Benefits :  
anti-oxidant, good source of carnosine and anserine; benefits the lungs, liver, kidney, spleen and stomach; improves blood circulation, boost the immunity system & nourish the body; good remedy for urinary disorder; strengthens the heart, prevent heart palpitations and dizziness.
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Pig Maw Pepper Soup
Ingredients:   White Pepper, Pig Maw.
White Pepper :  
Warming spleen and stomach for dispelling cold.
Pig Maw  
Harmonize the stomach, invigorating and nourishing the stomach.
Benefits :  
Invigorating vital energy and benefiting qi to treating cold syndrome.
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Herbal Ginseng Root with Chicken
Ingredients:   Gingseng Root, Yu Zhu (Solomon's Seal Rhizome, Polygonatum), Chicken.
Gingseng Root :  
powerful anti-aging supplement, overall health booster, strengthens the body, boost the immunity system and balance the body stress; increase the body's resistance against fatigue, stress, trauma, anxiety, etc and do not cause any side effects.
Yu Zhu  
used to treat dry lungs and to strengthen the stomach, helps to nourish the yin and balances heatiness.
Benefits :  
Effective in fighting flu, cold, cough, rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, anemia, stress, insomnia, headache etc.
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ABC Soup
Ingredients:   Potatoes, Carrots, Onions & Pork Ribs
Potato :  
Potatoes contains Vitamin C which is 10 times more compared to Apples, Vitamin B which is 4 times more compared to Apples, a variety of minerals such as Potassium, Phosporus and a good source of Magnesium and other mineral several times more compared to Apples.
Carrot is very nutritious. To treat night blindness, respiratory protection and promotion of child growth and other functions. Also contains more calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.
Benefits :  
A delicious soup of energy nutrition with all the goodness of natural flavoring and ingredients. . Excellent source of Protein and Vitamins.
This soup contains many different kinds of nutrition that we need daily. For kids who have hard time eating vegetables, this will be one good dish for them.
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Nutritious Nourishing Herbal Soup
Pork Ribs, Dong Kuai (Angelica), Tangshen Root, Fu Ling (Tuckahoe), Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Peony Alba, White Atractrylodes, cinnamon,etc.
Benefits :  
promoting blood circulation; strengthens the body; increases energy level and qi; replenishing yin and nourishing the blood; heal the liver, kidney, fatigue,palpitations; strengthen the lumbus and knees,etc.
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Water Cress Soup (Xī Yáng Cài Tāng)
Ingredients:   Water Cress & Pork Ribs
What's Special  
The watercress has a high nutritional value. It is rich in Vitamin A , B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B17, C, D, E and K.
Benefits :  
This is a cooling, nutritious and delicious Soup. This soup is traditionally used as a cough remedy. It helps relieve heatiness.
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